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3D Mobile Phone Video Amplifier

Product structure adopts many new technologies, which are simple and compact, and can be used for various types of mobile phones.Made of high quality material, safe and durable to use.It adopts high-definition amplification optical technology, no power drive, no use cost, energy saving and environmental protection.High-definition optical technology can enlarge the picture in the mobile phone by 3-4 times, the picture is clear and lifelike, and the dynamic feeling is stronger.Especially watching 3D mobile movies, the three-dimensional effect is stronger! It can also be used as a traditional magnifying glass. Because of its large magnifying area, it is more suitable for people to read books, newspapers and news on the Internet..Small size and portable, easy to carry.Stand holder design, free your hand, no need to hold your cellphone while watching videoEnlarge your cellphone screen, watch video clearer


492 in stock


492 in stock

Easy to use and incredibly portable mobile phone projector.Easy to carry, it is lightweight and foldableso that you cantake it anywhere you goand for any occasion.No battery needed, so you never have to worry about recharging your screen magnifier.Dynamic and durable 3D screen amplifier.The mobile phone amplifier features asuper thick screen and makes the phone screen bigger.Itimproves the picture quality and 3D effect, using HD zoom optical technology.Widely compatible screen magnifier.Suitable for all smartphones.Use it with any smartphones such as iPhone, Samsung, and other Android devices.



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