Electric Toothbrush

  • Age Group:Adults
  • Length:7.2cm
  • Material:Nylon Hair & Plastics
  • Quantity:4Pcs
  • Type:Acoustic Wave
  • Specification:7.2cm

500 in stock


500 in stock

Wedge-shape design, 360 degree with no dead corner cleaning and protecting your tooth.
The electric brush head can remove plaque without effectively.
Clean teeth and massage gums gently.
4 brushes with identifier rings.

Comfortable brush hair to clean and protect your oral cavity.
Dentists recommend you replace the head every 3 months.
Easy to use. Simply replace brush heads as usual.

Item Type: Toothbrushes Head
Age Group: Adults
Material: Nylon hair & Plastics
Length: 7.2cm
Quantity: 4pcs
Color: White & Blue & Green

Package includes:
4 x Toothbrush Replacement Heads


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