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Antibacteria 2 in 1 UV Light Ultraviolet Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser Sterilizer

100% new high quality
material: plastic
Disinfect and store two in one, make the toothbrush cleaner and more convenient and neatly placed
One-button automatic toothpaste for placing 5 toothbrushes at the same time
UV double lamp sterilization
Adhesive load-bearing, no tools need to punch


500 in stock


500 in stock

1. Stick the toothpaste on the tile or glass. Make sure the wall is dry before sticking. If there is some moisture, blow it with a hair dryer. Do not remove it after sticking. It will not stick well next time.
2. Insert the toothpaste into the toothpaste. It is best to use the new toothpaste for the first time. Put the toothpaste into the toothpaste. Be sure to insert it. If you don’t have the toothpaste several times, don’t take the toothpaste down. Continue to squeeze. Until the toothpaste is out.

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