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Automatic Bleach Stain Remover Blue Tab Tablet Flush Tank Toilet Bowl Cleaner (10 Pcs)


495 in stock


495 in stock

Product Details

1.Durability: it can flush for 250 times each piece.

2.Excellent Cleaning Ability: it can clean the dirty both of the tank, rim, inner wall, sewer pipe and other parts of the toilet thoroughly;

3.Acute Sterilization Ability: effective in killing bacteria and germs of the toilet and sewer pipe,preventing bacteria from toilet and toilet sewer infected alternately;

4.Fragrance: be effective in deodorization, and keep perfume continuously, purify the air of the toilet;

5.Safety: neutral product, without any causticity or toxicity;

6.Environment-protection: no phosphor and without heavy metal.


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