Diy 12 12 Wall Clock

  • 3D Acrylic Family Wall Clock With Sticker – Black Color
  • Thick Acrylic  – Roman Design
  • Easily Transferable From One Wall To Another
  • High Gloss Shiny Finish
  • Background text with Sticker

505 in stock


505 in stock

  • This wall clock is made with . It comes with instructions on how to install this clock in your living room, drawing room,and your office. This Acrylic wall clock is and increases the beauty of your room. Design of this Acrylic wall clock is . This is and runs on an AA battery (not included). The big needles and digits of this modern 3D acrylic wall clock can it easy for you to see time. This is one of the best wall clocks th looks beautiful and enhances the beauty of your home or office.
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