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Door Draft and Dust Stopper (Pack Of 3)

  • Save energy and money!
  • The insulating device for doors with extra large gaps! Cold air stays out…Heat stays in.
  • Includes one Twin Draft Guard door draft stopper in brown color.
  • Door draft snake makes heating and cooling your home
  • Please measure your door size before ordering
  • Package includes only one draft
  • Easy to install
  • Washable and reusable
  • Extra insulation with twin drafts
  • Large 1.5 inches sponge
  • Noise reduction and windshield
  • Insects and dust stopper
  • Stops unwanted light and smell
  • Energy and money saving
  • Effective heating and cooling
  • Easily glides over carpet, marble, tile, wood
  • Available Color: Dark Brown

478 in stock


478 in stock

Twin Double Draft Seal is designed to hug a door or window from both sides to block drafts and retain room temperature. Double Draft Seal works on interior and exterior windows, doors and all floor types. Easy to Install. Don’t let winter Or summer get the best of your energy bill! It helps to make your room cool in Summer and lock AC cooling in the room and protect to enter hot air in room and Reverse in Winter. Available Color: Black, Dark Blue, Dark Brown

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