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Eye Massager

  • Item Type: Glasses Case
  • Special Features: reduce eye wrinkles
  • Material Type: ABS
  • Item Weight: 150g
  • Item Length: 19cm
  • Item Width: 9cm
  • Item Height: 6.5cm

497 in stock


497 in stock

Product Description:

1. Made of the quality ABS material, which is safe, non-toxic, environmental and durable for long term use.

2. Adopting soft silicone massage head, which is effective to alleviate eye fatigue without side effects.

3. Each massage head has a natural magnet which can activate the human body magnetic field quickly so as to play the role of massage.

4. The elastic band design can be more fit the head so as to prevent slipping, very assured for you to use.

5. Sticking to this product is a good way to prevent teenage myopia.

6. The function of this product also can remove eyes dry, ease bags under the eyes and dark circles, reduce eye wrinkles, promote eye blood circulation and improve sleep quality.

7. Available in 9 massage modes, you can choose it according to your need



Connect the power on, press the switch to open automatic cycle mode, it will change the orders of 9 procedures one by one automatically.

If you press the switch again, the machine immediately stops.

Press the function key, it changed to one program automatically.

Press the time key, you can timing it by three minutes or five minutes



Eye surgery or injured person pls don’t use it.

High myopia recommended to use under the guidance of a doctor.

Children under eight years old need to guidance by adult, and use it no more than 20 minutes per time.

It’s better not to wear contact lenses when using it.

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