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Fridge Lock (Pack Of 3)


480 in stock


480 in stock

  • IDEAL FOR BABY SAFETY – Providing your baby with a hassle-free growth environment. It is designed for locking drawers, cabinet doors, refrigerator doors, cupboard doors. It can protect babies from bumping into an open drawer or cabinet door and prevent them from hurting their fingers while playing the drawers..
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL – Two separated blocks can be connected with the joints and form an angle of 90 to lock drawers. It can lock automatically when the drawer is closed. Easy for adults to open but very hard for babies..
  • FRIDGE DOOR STAYING SHUT – It is also an ideals for those people who often close the fridge door not tight or the older fridge door do not latch shut which will save power for you..
  • EASY TO INSTALL –Just a couple of seconds to install without any tools and efforts. Flexible strap and adhesive back stick to for all types of surfaces. Safe and convenient refrigerator locks..
  • DURABEL AND STYLISH PRODUCTS – Made of premium ABS plastic material, super slim design with size to fit all of your appliances perfectly, like drawers, cabinet, refrigerator and cupboard doors ect.
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