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The IQOS 3DUO  is all a smoker needs, a true smoking experience without smoke and ash, and in a completely healthy environment for you and the rest of the world. Enjoy the two consecutive sessions of the long-lasting tobacco flavored HEET sticks that last twenty-eight minutes (collectively for Two HEET Sticks).


500 in stock


500 in stock

IQOS 3 DUO is the new and improved IQOS device. It has faster charging speeds and offers more consecutive uses with both the holder and the pocket charger. Gone are the days of only getting a single-use. Now you get 2 consecutive uses with the holder and approximately 35 with the pocket charger. This makes it so much easier for frequent, on-the-go HnB users!

We’re really glad to see these changes with IQOS! They are definitely moving in the right direction by listening to customer feedback and making small improvements to device performance! This is our favorite IQOS device so far! Moreover, we love the customer service IQOS offers! They are the best company on the market when it comes to keeping customers happy, whether that be helping with technical issues, offering you special promotions, or giving you exclusive access to IQOS lounges around the world!

FEATURES: Bluetooth for the IQOS Connect App.

QUALITY: Excellent! The material is great, although a bit heavy. Provides about the same quality hit as IQOS 3.0 does.

DESIGN: Exact same exterior as IQOS 3.0, however DUO comes in a few new colors and finishes, such as the limited edition chrome Traveler Exclusive that we got. Personally, I kind of like that they didn’t change the design too much as it allows me to keep using my IQOS 3.0 accessories with DUO

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