Kitchen Backsplash Stickers

  • Anti-oil, anti-dust and anti-water: made from plastic and aluminum foil, much stronger against fire than normal PVC sheet. Resistant to heat and moisture, Easy wipe to remove the stains!

496 in stock


496 in stock

Self Adhesive Kitchen Aluminum Foil Stickers Oil Proof Waterproof Stove Sticker

  • Self Adhesive: These Aluminium Foil Sheets have a removable back sticker which has cut-to-fit grid lines for easy measurement and placement, easy for you to create new looks of your kitchen and home or repairing the appearance of any existing smooth surfaces.
  • Easy to Apply: These Aluminum Foil Sheets have grid lines behind the wallpaper for you to scissor accurately. Removable, no glue residue.
  • Durable and Beautiful: These Aluminium Foil Sticker are eco-friendly, anti-friction, waterproof, oil-proof, protect your furniture from corrosion and damp. The Aluminum Foil Sticker are easy to clean. Cover stains. The Aluminium Foil Sticker Rolls decorate and renovate old metallic furniture, make your house look more upscale.
  • A Must Have in Your Kitchen: These Aluminium Foil Stickers are a Must-have For Cleaner, Healthier Kitchen, these foil stickers prevent oil and sauce splashes from causing persistent stains on your kitchen walls! Save your drawers & shelves from dust and protect your electrical appliances from moisture by applying these adhesive foil sheets! It is a Multipurpose Aluminum Backsplash Foil Stickers made to keep your kitchen equipment spotless!
  • Top Notch Quality for Home and Kitchen: This Aluminium Foil Sheet is 40cm width x 200cm length per sheet Self Adhesive Kitchen Aluminium Foil Sheet WallPaper made from anti-dust, heat & moisture-resistant Aluminum Foil & plastic, way more resistant than standard PVC. Backsplashes. Sturdy and long-lasting, it will remain tightly put and removed in no time when you no longer need the Aluminium Foil Sheets.
  • The Elegant Home Service: At Elegant Home, if you are not satisfied with our products or the products don’t match our description, we will refund you the full amount immediately. Contact us whenever you have any questions, full refund policy.
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