Live Broadcast Makeup Lamp Mirror


500 in stock


500 in stock

  • Multifunctional ring light: 3-in-1 design, combined with mobile phone holder, makeup mirror and selfie ring light, it is a perfect complement to live broadcast, online teaching, makeup, selfie, shooting, video, dark scene photography, etc.
  • Convenient storage: the control cable of the extension clip can be stored, the adjustment switch and the multi-position mobile phone extension clip can be placed, and lipstick and other cosmetics can also be placed. You can put lipstick and other items when you use it, and you can store the extension clip / control line when you go out.
  • Multi-function switch: Built-in soft light three colors, the brightness can be adjusted. Three kinds of lighting effects, white light, yellow light, warm white light, can adjust the brightness in ten levels, different brightness can shoot different effects.
  • 360 ° adjustment: Multi-directional adjustment, light distribution is soft and even, and there will be no dry eyes during long-term live broadcast. It is convenient for folding and storage, the storage space is reduced, and it is convenient to carry when going out to live broadcast.
  • Versatile: Provides even and soft light when shooting, making your face bright and beautiful in front of the camera. The fill light has a wide range of applications and can be used for selfies, makeup, reading, camping lights, election lights, bicycles and flashlights.
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