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  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Material: Plastic

Food-grade Household Refrigerator Leftover Food Fresh-keeping Cover 30pcs


to use and clean: You can check food quickly and easily through the
translucent food cover. Sealing food on the table or refrigerating food
in the refrigerator is a good choice! The food cover can be washed by
hand. When the food adheres to it, just rinse it with a little warm
soapy water and air dry.

protection: Say goodbye to wasteful disposable plastic food wrappers.
These reusable plastic wrappers are made of high-quality reusable PE
materials. These reusable bowl covers have elastic edges that allow you
to stretch the straps to fit the size of dishes and plates. The elastic
band will provide you with long-term service.

storage: Keep and fruit flies away from food. They are very suitable for
family kitchens, restaurants or canteens, and can keep fruits,
vegetables, drinks and other leftover foods fresh and can be kept for a
longer time. These plastic wraps used for food can be used to transport
food when you are enjoying light meals, gatherings or barbecues.

The bowl cover is suitable for almost all bowls, plates, plates and food containers in the kitchen.


size:Suitable for bowls of various sizes

Products include:

30  x  cling film set in a bag

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