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Pizza Spatula


500 in stock


500 in stock

  • Hardened Stainless Steel – Unhardened steel is softer than iron, which means that instead of slowly improving your skillet, you’re wearing away the edge of your spatula. 

  • Precision Beveled Edge – A blunt edge will leave the most flavorful bits of your seared steak and smashed burger behind.  

  • Flat Scraping Edge – The flat edge of the MK21680 spreads force evenly, ensuring maximum edge contact for exceptional food release and even skillet surface leveling over time.

  • Hardwood Handle –  More comfortable than plastic, and you can rest a hardwood handle on the skillet edge while cooking without it getting too hot to handle or melting.

  • Versatile Utility –   With over 10 inches of usable edge in its 11.5 inch overall length, this spatula is capable of smashing burgers, lifting delicate cookies, or slicing and serving brownies.

  • Stub-Tang Handle –  The shorter tang keeps the spatula front weighted so the blade rests flat (handle raised) when not in use, making it easier to handle.

  • Heavy Gauge Steel – Eliminates flex, allowing you to apply  downward pressure for perfect smash burgers, and scraping force without catapulting hot food out of your skillet.

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