Plastic Airtight Food Storage Container

  • Cereal Rice Food storage container, small and convenient fit your refrigerator and pantry organization.
  • Rice storage container with pour spout and mearsuring cup, making every pouring neat and clean.
  • Groove design container is easy to grip or pull out of the kitchen cabinet when in use.
  • Seal cereal container with lids is sealed to keep your food dry and safe from insects, rats or other pests, as well as water and air oxidation, keeps the cereal fresher for longer.
  • Food storage container with BPA free plastic, durable and long-lasting, safe for food storage like flour, rice, nuts, beans, snack, cereal, pet food storage etc.
  • Transparent rice container bin, enough to store 2KG of rice, perfects for your rice cooker.

500 in stock


500 in stock

Plastic Airtight Food Storage Container with Measuring Cup 2KG Cereal Grain Rice Storage Box


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