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Portable Octopus Tripod For mobile Mini Phone Camera Bracket Tripods Desktop Handheld Holder Selfie Outdoor Mobile Video Stands

1.Octopus triangle stand supports video, live broadcast, and photo shooting.
2.High-quality materials, made of three-dimensional design of plastic and high-elastic rubber, it has no gaps, no shedding, and is durable. Personalized quick unloading, lightweight and portable.
3.360-degree direction adjustment can be made at will to meet more needs.
4.This three-legged stand can be used as a desktop overhead stand, used for various types of live broadcast platforms such as course live broadcast, compact, portable and easy to store, without taking up space.
5.Tripod legs have good toughness and durability, and can be arbitrarily deformed to meet different environmental needs. 

497 in stock


497 in stock