Silicone Door Holder (Pack Of 2)


500 in stock


500 in stock

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  • [PROTECT YOUR WALLS AND FURNITURE] : Wall protector – Say goodbye to annoying damage and loud noise from slamming doors! Our Magnetic door stopper will stop the door to protect your wall from damage.
  • [KEEP THE DOORS OPEN AND SHUT WITH EASE] : Is it hard to keep the door open? Do you want to protect your pets and children from shutting doors? Worry no more – The strong magnet on our door stop will provide enough strength to keep the door open. Other brands have magnets that are too strong that it will tear the paint from the wall while trying to close! Our magnetic holder won’t separate the adhesive tape or damage your wall.
  • [DURABLE and DECORATIVE STAINLESS STEEL] : Our decorative stainless steel door stoppers are built for long-lasting, heavy duty use. Our door stop is resistant to rust and corrosion compared to zinc-alloy. Buy with confidence!.
  • [GENUINE 3M ADHESIVE TAPE] : We uniquely use genuine 3M tape that provides strong adhesion even without the hassle of drilling! We included extra stickers just in case you don’t get it right the first time.
  • [EXTRA 4 SILICONE WALL PROTECTORS] : These can go for 1 buck a piece, but we INCLUDED 4 silicone wall bumpers that you can use for multiple purposes! Try them for walls in contact with door knobs, refrigerator door, cabinet, toilet cover, furniture, sharp edges and much much more! Are you ready to start protecting your walls and furniture? Add our door stopper and wall bumper set to the cart now!.
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  • Imported from USA.

* [SATISFACTION GUARANTEED] – We are a USA based seller and your
satisfaction is our # 1 priority. If you have any issues, please
leave us a comment regarding your concerns or request for a full
refund in 30 days.
* [INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS]* Wipe installation area with damp
cloth on door.
* Mark installation location with pencil
* Peel one side of the adhesive tape and place adhesive tape on
top sheet
* Peel other side of tape and align with the marked location
* Press firmly
* Install bottom base in the same way

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