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Silicone Heel Anti Crack Set (Pack Of 3)

  • -100% Brand new and high quality 2pcs Soft Silicone Anti-Cracking Pad Moisturizing Gel Heel Socks Cracked Foot Care Protectors Pink
  • -Super soft gel foot pad
  • -Easy wearing and cleaning
  • -Fits both the right and left foot -Special design for breathable and anti-skid
  • -Protecting the heel, eliminating dry, reducing heel pain
  • -Can relieve skin rash, soften calluses moisturizing whitening effect
  • -Great for antiperspirant, deodorant, antisepsis and anti-inflammation
  • -Removal of calluses, softening the horniness, promoting epidermal renewal -Perfect for people who standing or walking long time a day like security, teacher, nurse, salesmen etc.

463 in stock


463 in stock

There are some great effects.
1 heel pain relief, heel pressure reduction Damping decompression
2 anti-cracking effect
3 softening calluses whitening moisturizing effect
1 air dry or salty with high external friction, acid, organic solvents and skin tissue trauma.
2 stratum corneum thick, without hair follicles, sweat glands, skin glands secrete fewer limbs, resulting in a dry skin surface.
3 microcirculation.
4 fungal infections and gene factors
Instructions: please wear socks outside, after you clean your feet, put on your favorite lotions or moisturizer, massage and then lower the baby, the effect is even better, so you put it off. Note: this class of cosmetics is suitable for home use while relaxing, outdoors and playing sports.
Note: for moisture, moisture sealing, so that the baby seal is better, summer time is not too long, easy to sweat, it is suggested to wear 12 hours, removed for a minute, let the legs breathe skin. In hot weather, when conditions permit, you can cool the refrigerator, then wear, it will be comfortable. You can clean before each use to put TALC in the heel, so that the product will be much smooth, less friction, easy to produce sticky.
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