Tie Hanger (Pack Of 2)

  • 20 Hooks can hold ties or belts or other scarves accessories
  • Fits over closet rod and requires no installation.
  • Anti-slip arms hold ties in place
  • 11 x 11 cm

499 in stock


499 in stock

The Magical ties rack, you’d love it. The little design has 20 hooks Neck that provides an easy and convenient way to store all your favorite ties. You won’t see any crumpled, rumpled ties from now on! This would offer a perfect solution for hanging your ties, keeping them neat and unwrinkled. Its Non-Slip curved arms hold ties securely and prevents slipping. Durable construction, thin space saving design also maximizes closet space. 1) Hold hanger vertically above the center hole in the base 2) Double check to ensure that upturned ends are facing in the upward direction 3) Carefully put the split end of the hanger in the hold in base

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