Universal Leftover Lid Microwave Cover Airtight Plate Topper


500 in stock


500 in stock


  • Multiple Uses. Ideal for use as a storage solution, but equally useful as a microwave splatter guard too. Keep food fresh and contained, or heat it up while retaining flavor and moisture.
  • Washable and reusable. An eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap, bags and foil.
  • Stack-able. A solid, flat top allows you to pile them in the fridge or freezer.
  • Strong, airtight seal. Provides a grip so strong you can pick up the plate using the handle at the top of the lid. Seals tight to keep things fresh and healthy until you are ready to eat them. You can also place it loosely over the plate when cooking in the microwave if desired.
  • Spill Free. The airtight seal keeps out contaminants while keeping food in. Shake a salad to spread dressing, or tip the plate by accident, and nothing will slip out.
  • BPA Free. High quality materials ensure a product that works well, and one that remains a healthy choice for your family.
  • Microwave Safe. Great as a storage lid, but also super handy in the microwave. Contain explosions and splatters to keep the inside of your microwave clean, but alos help to retain steam and moisture to improve the taste and consistency of reheated food.
  • Dishwasher Safe. Top rack safe, so just pop it in for cleaning anytime it gets dirty.
  • Freezer Safe. Perfect for storing things for a day or two in the fridge,
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