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Wax Machine (With Hard wax beans 500g)

  • It Can Meltdown All Kinds Of Waxes
  • Is Latest And High Performance Wax Heater/Warmer.
  • It Is Suitable For Domestic Or Professional Use.
  • Wax Bean Bag 50 Grams
  • Large Wooden Spatula (Specially for waxing purpose)

500 in stock


500 in stock

Hair Removal Waxing Kit

What is in Box?

  • Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why didn’t the wax remove all my hair?

  • The hair was too short. Hair should be ΒΌ inch long to wax effectively.
  • Apply more pressure with the spatula. Firm pressure ensures each hair is shrink-wrapped with wax.
  • Sometimes hair grows in multiple directions. Try a second application while applying the wax in an alternate direction.
  • The wax was too cool. Wax temperature is too cold lead to your wax being too stringy. Heat the wax until it’s the consistency of honey. Always use caution.

2. Why is wax residue left on my skin?

  • The wax was applied too thin. Use a little more. Apply it about a nickel thick.
  • The wax was applied unevenly. With practice, you will avoid this issue.
  • Use a little oil to remove any residue.
  • You need to pay attention to the time to tear off the wax. For too long, the wax has completely hardened and caused debris. You need to force and quickly tear off the wax.

3. Is It Painless?

Hard wax is oftn called painless waxing. Pain tolerances vary, but many users rave about their comfort level with our flexible wax. Certain areas are more sensitive than others and because you’re pulling hair by the root, slight and quick discomfort is normal. With continued waxing, you will experience less pain each time.

4. Why does the wax keep breaking?

Wax breaking during the removal process is typically caused by two main reasons. Either the wax application is too thin or the wax was left on the skin for too long. To avoid the wax breaking during the application process we recommend applying a thicker layer of wax to the skin to get the rhythm or groove of the wax’s behavior creating a lip for grip to remove the strip. The wax should rest on the skin for approximately 30-40 seconds prior to the removal. If your wax is still wet after 30-40 seconds, please allow an additional 30 seconds until the wax has dried.

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