Magnetic Levitation Floating Shoe Display Stand Sneaker Stand House Holds 300-500g Levitating Original Sports Shoe Display Stand


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  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Type: Shoe Hanger
  • Model Number: Shoe Display
  • Material: Plastic
  • Shoe Hanger 1: Magnetic Levitation Floating Shoe Display Stand
  • Shoe Hanger 2: Shoe Hanger
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[Function upgrade]This product has been upgraded to support a variety of load capacity of 300-600 grams. Using the upgraded adjustment function, you only need to rotate the designated scale, which is easy to use.

[Fashion] The floating shoe display is designed by the electromagnetic levitation technology and float technology. The perfect combination of electromagnetic technology and everyday life. The magnetic levitating shoe display is cool and useful for showing your shoes in exhibition, trade show and shoe store. It can attract customers’ eyes quickly when people see it.

[360° display] 360-degree rotation function and built-in LED light can display every inch of your precious items and always maintain the field of vision.

[Weight adjustable] Just show the weight of the shoes according to you. Adjust the scale of the product. Place the iron piece in the product on the bottom of the shoe. The shoes can be displayed in suspension. You can read the instructions carefully

Package includes:

1 x display stand

1 x power cord

1 x strong magnet

3 x ball


The suspended shoe display rack uses the force of electromagnetic current to suspend sports shoes in the air.The display uses a powerful magnet, and you can easily insert it into the heel of any shoe to float it.Including 360 rotation function and built-in LED light to maintain a constant field of view. With the use of a powerful magnet and built-in fan, you can easily insert it into the heel of any shoe to float it. The package includes:

1 x display stand

1 x power cord

1 x strong magnet

1 x 4 balls

Why buy a floating display stand?

The king of your collection deserves his own throne.

So what’s with your grit collecting dust in a rack or shoebox? You’ve spent serious time and cash washing off your favorite pair. There’s only one way to show your kicks that can withstand their hype.

One of the ways is to float them. That’s right – you can make your sneaker collection even more extraordinary by defying gravity. No magic or magic needed, just a scaffold to understand its physics.

Bring your sneaker display game to life with the FlyingGrail Acrylic Suspension Shoe Display!

The first thing they do when they see the shoes: "Woah". Immediately after the thought: "How does this work?". The answer is simple. The stand uses an electromagnetic current to suspend the shoe, while a fan blows it gently to spin it. Bright LED lights illuminate every little detail on the sneaker. Simple, effortless and impressive.

You don’t need to assemble anything to get your shoes up and afloat. Just place the included magnet in the shoe, insert the stand and it’s ready to use. Note that the stand can only hold weights from 300g to 600g and has a maximum length of 13 inches and a height of 6 inches. Best for placement on stable, flat surfaces.

The magnet and fan might sound like a noise pairing, but not on this stand. Unlike some suspended displays, ours are muted. Feel free to place it in a bedroom or home office.

More reasons why you should buy this floating sneaker display:

– Includes strong magnet insert

– Made of durable acrylic

– great gift



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